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Moved here from [info]xlolitsnozomix .
since i have barely anymore interest in livejournal
and all my friends are dead on here. T^T
Usually just go on here about once every week to check if I got comments or anything.
I also use lj to read fanfics and use omona.   But thats about all.
If you want to keep in contact, please go to my tumblr, twitter or facebook! (links are above this post...)
Take care, everyone <3

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Fanfiction Recommendations List

Fanfic Recommendations
I have decided to do a fanfic recommendation list for my future references
and for anyone who's in search of a good fic to settle down with :)
I think a pretty good amount of these will be NC-17
so considered yourself warned! and I hope you all enjoy these as much as I did~

Note: these will be updated shortly. Please be patient! I'm off now but I will return with more recs since I haven't posted a fraction of my entire list yet XD
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i cannot WAIT.
they were AMAZING last time...and this time will be JUST AS AMAZING FUUUUUUUUUU.
I'm buying the tickets today at 12pm O_O which is in like an hour!!! CRAZYYYY!!!!!
-spazzes the fuck out-

gonna see them at Nokia theatre in LA!!! AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHH~~~♥
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yay~ ♥


yay i tied with
[info]daisynomore for first place for the contest at [info]shawol_haven 
for my taekey fic...that some of you may have seen me advertising to vote for me...haha.
If you voted, thanks so much ♥ i appreciate it so much ♥
I'm happy that I tied~♥

Forever mine geul oh

Sungkyunkwan Scandal Withdrawal and overall Reaction.

Let me just start off saying that I absolutely fell in love with all the characters in here. I thought the actors/actresses really did a great job in bringing them to life and adding more depth to them than I had expected.  I do agree with many others, though that the ending was pretty much a letdown and left me kind of hanging on loose ends that weren’t tied and other ends that were tied way too quickly and randomly.  But I’ll rant about the ending and its utter wtf?-factor in a little bit.

I think the reason that I admire this show so much was because it addressed issues that I hadn’t expected a romantic drama to delve so deeply into and it brought about a sense of idealism, optimism, and hope for a future of equality between classes and genders that I find makes it so easy to connect to all audiences – male or female, young or old.


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Also, please support skk scandal by voting here:
You can vote for Yoo Ah In (Jae shin) for best actor, or yoochun (sun-joon) for best Star, and Park Min Young (yoon hee) for best actress, and of course skk scandal for best drama :D
All you have to do is choose your votes, then type in the captcha thing at the bottom and click the LEFT red button
Thanks for supporting kekeke :D I really want them all to win!! ^^